AIMS 5000 Watt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters

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The Aims 5000 Watt modified sine wave power inverter produces 41.6 Amps of AC power. Provides household current from any 12 volt power port. Run power tools and work lights, refrigerators and microwaves, a space heater or cooling fans. You can also run a Chain Saw, sump pump, computers, printers, TV, DVD and peripherals and much more.

This inverter is very powerful, it can handle large start-ups motors and compressors. Also you can use the Direct Connect AC terminal, and draw all the power out of one outlet. The AC terminal block allows you to get maximum efficiency out of this inverter, without limiting your power through 1500 Watt outlets.

AIMS 5000 Watt Modified Sine Power Inverter

This AIMS power inverter comes in two versions:

AIMS 5000 Watt 12 Volt DC Power Inverter

AIMS 5000 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Inverter

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